"The SIA Acoustics team works to address sound critical concerns of both new or existing facilities by collaborating with architects, facility owners, operators, integrators and manufacturers. We offer an independent perspective that best addresses the client's priorities and program needs."

- Sam Berkow, Founding Partner

Design Services

  • As experienced acousticians, sound system designers, and mix/recording engineers, our consultants help determine the programmatic requirements of a project and translate them to specific design goals.
  • We work with the design team continuously from the start of the project through facility commissioning to ensure that acoustic and technical system design parameters are met.
  • We provide drawings and detailing to address space planning, room acoustics, sound isolation, HVAC noise control, and technical systems.
  • Based on modeling, prediction calculations, and analysis, we specify finish treatment types and quantities.

Consulting Services

  • We address a specific problem of an existing facility and provide a set of practical schematic recommendations.
  • The level of detail we provide is adequate to understand the issues and basic costs.
  • Does not include construction-level detail.
  • Includes follow up correspondence as needed. Our goal is to be sure this process is helpful.

Advisory Services

  • We present a list of identified issues and provide general direction for improvement in a concise document.
  • Can serve as the basis for further involvement and discussion.
  • May be used for general review of existing design (by others) with minimal investment.
  • Lowest cost and risk. If we don't think any serious issues exist, we will tell you!