Jazz St. Louis announces plans for new and improved home


SIA is proud to be part of the design team for the renovation of Jazz St. Louis' Jazz Bistro. The Jazz St. Louis leadership has put together an excellent group of designers including Mike McDaneld of Lawrence Group Architects and James Jamieson of Jamieson Design. Construction is under way! Read all about it hear!


Rock Hall / Bowling Alley Acoustics!

Mix magazine chatted with SIA senior consultant Jeffrey Friedlander about some of the acoustical elements that went into the design of the new Brooklyn Bowl... check it out here!


SIA Summer Intern Awarded Robert S. Goodfriend Grant

Bowdoin College rising senior, Filipe Camarotti, was awarded the prestigious Robert S. Goodfriend grant to work with our New York team. In addition to keeping the team well caffeinated, Filipe made significant contributions on several high profile SIA projects. Having spent the summer learning the fundamentals of acoustics and sound system design, this fall Filipe will apply what he has learned as a student sound technician on campus. Read more about Filipe's summer Internship here. We'll miss ya buddy!

Photo Credit: Bowdoin College



NY Times acknowledges city noise issues

The New York Times recently posted an article regarding the difficulties in controlling noise in the city. It touches on the evolution of noise codes and laws for car horns, car alarms, and megaphones, as well as the negative impact some of those laws have had on the citizens. As acousticians it is refreshing to see these issues brought to light, as noise control is often an overlooked concern. Read all about it here.

photo credit:  Times Wide World Photos, from the


SF Jazz Center - "a high-tech home for jazz music..."

The SF Jazz center is featured in this month's issue of Mix. Check out the full article here.

source: Mix Magazine online


home sweet home

SF Jazz's resident ensemble, the SF Jazz Collective, had its first full concert in its new home last Friday. SIA is proud to have contributed to the new home of such a stellar group of musicians. Read the Examiner's review paying due respect to the collective, and giving the "highest form of praise" to the hall's sound here.

photo credit: SF Jazz


Have a listen...

SF Jazz kicked off its new home right with an all-star lineup of performances. You probably weren't there, but that doesn't mean you missed it. Listen to a replay of the opening night concert here.

Photo Credit: NPR


"The Sound is Perfect"

Former San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown, had this to say about the SF Jazz opening Gala:

"A resplendent Danny Glover, a cool Delroy Lindo and George Shultz wearing a tie that said 'jazz' all helped Bill Cosby make the opening of the SFJazz Center a night to remember.
Whoever is responsible for the new building's acoustics should be retained by the Opera, the Symphony and everyone else who puts on musical performances. The sound is perfect."
Mr. Mayor, that would be us! Thank you for the kind words. See the former mayor's full column here.



"Best Sounding Club in NYC"

As a staple of New York City Jazz performance, Dizzy's Club continues to receive praise for the astounding sound (as well as the amazing view). SIA Acoustics is proud to have taken such a pivotal role in the club's success; providing sound system and acoustical design. We take pride in our work and crtainly appreciate the continued acclaim. Thanks for the shout out Steve!Photo Credit: JALC