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Space Planning

 “We believe that consultants and designers should be constructuve and active members of the design team. Above all, the final result of any project should reflect both the ‘big picture’ goals for performers and audiences with the detail – level priorities for those who will operate the facility.”


Design aims to encompass all aspects and services related to a project, as opposed to consulting. Our involvement is continuous (as opposed to a single report) throughout the design and construction phases for a new facility under renovation.

Project Phase

  • Programming Development
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract / Bid Documents
  • Construction
  • Facility Commissioning

Acoustics & Space Planning

  • Proposed functional overview
  • Summary concerns document
  • Schematic treatment location drawings
  • Detailed drawings (plans, RCPs, elevations, details)
  • Acoustical designs integrated into architectural drawings
  • Site visit notes and final test data

Technical Systems

  • Proposed functional overview estimated budgets
  • Schematic design drawings
  • Design Drawings (detailed layouts, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Contractor bid package (including full specifications)
  • Meeting minutes and final test data

A Practical Approach

Why work with SIA?

We are not tied to the sale of equipment and we offer an independent perspective that best addresses the client’s priorities and program needs.

We develop a complete design that reflects both the big picture goals and details critical to a successful project allows for a competitive bid process that minimizes costly extras.

We are involved throughout the entire design and construction process. From start to completion, we work with the client to achieve the ideal result.