TEC Awards 2018

SIA Acoustic & Airshow Mastering nominated for 2018 TEC Award

SIA Acoustics and Airshow Mastering have been nominated for a 2018 TEC award in Studio Design for our work together on Airshow’s new Boulder studio! We are extremely proud of our work and partnership with Airshow and are delighted to be recognized with them at the TEC awards this year. For those who are not on Airshow’s mailing list you can find their announcement below:

Airshow Mastering is thrilled to announce that Airshow and SIA Acoustics principal Sam Berkow, designer of the studio’s new Boulder facility, are nominated for a 2018 TEC Award in the category of studio design. The NAMM TEC Awards, presented annually by the NAMM Foundation at The Winter NAMM Show, are the professional audio and music production industry’s most prestigious awards, honoring excellence in sound technology and creativity.

Airshow, which launched 34 years ago in Springfield, Virginia, expanded to Boulder in 1997. In 2016, the Boulder team moved from its downtown location into a newly-built studio located in the scenic foothills five miles west of the city.

Airshow founder David Glasser, a Grammy-winning engineer with credits spanning rock, jazz, Americana, and bluegrass, says the new space was born out of his desire to focus on core mastering services. “I wanted the new mastering studio to be an evolution of my previous room: familiar sound, equipment, and ergonomics, with improved acoustic performance.”

That could have been a tall order, but Glasser was confident in Berkow’s ability to realize his vision. The Boulder room is the third facility that Berkow has designed for Airshow. The partnership between Berkow and Glasser stretches back 15 years, and is built on a shared understanding of tone and workflow, and common musical sensibility. “Great mastering and great studio design both require a deep understanding of ‘musical tonality’ and how tone affects the sound of music,” says Berkow. “David understands his workflow and process; I use his understanding of how he works to lay out the room. My work is to find a room design—room shape, construction details, and finishes—that avoids strong reflections, control room modes, and is both buildable and affordable.”

The new studio offers an extremely accurate sonic environment with advanced stereo and 5.1 surround mastering capabilities, including SACD/DSD mastering and authoring and Plangent Processes analog tape transfer services. “It’s a high-tech cabin in the woods, and I just love the contrast of our room, with all the bells and whistles, and the location, which overlooks a beautiful canyon just 15 minutes from downtown Boulder.”

Glasser says he was pleasantly surprised to learn of the TEC nomination, which was determined by a committee of industry professionals who consider more than 1,000 projects in 31 categories. “I was especially pleased that the TEC nominating committee chose to include a studio that epitomized excellent acoustic design in this space.”

“At SIA Acoustics, we are very proud of both the room that David works in, and the work that he does there,” says Berkow, a multiple TEC winner for both his room designs and his pioneering advancements in acoustic measurement software through his SIA-Smaart system. He adds that being recognized by peers holds special meaning. “The TEC Awards make a statement that people in our industries—mastering, engineering, acoustics—feel that our work is among the best out there,” he says. “If we are lucky enough to win, that would be great, but just being nominated makes a statement that established industry pros feel that our work is worthy of praise.”

In some ways, Glasser says, the nomination validates Airshow’s journey over the years. “My primary goal is to make my clients happy. Receiving this recognition from others in our industry is icing on the cake.”

For studio photos and more information about generic viagra, click here. The 33rd Annual NAMM TEC Awards will be held Saturday, January 28, 2018, in Anaheim, California. For more information, visit tecawards.org.